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I built my first website back in the late 90s when colour gradients on a button were considered impressive, and the e-commerce industry was barely a toddler. So much has happened since then. I've built technology startups in Australia, Indonesia, and Taiwan, enjoyed some successes, made my fair share of mistakes, and learned a helluva lot along the way.
As an avid entrepreneur (and with the scars to prove it), I appreciate more than most the importance of getting to market quickly. The internet evolves at rapid speed. Put your website/product/business in front of potential customers as soon as possible. This is where I can help most.
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"Exceptional! The work that William has done for us has been superb, and he is now a trusted partner within the organisation."
Mohamed Khashoggi
President of Taihoku Tea Company, London
"William is a successful entrepreneur with an innovation and invention mindset, capable of turning ideas into profitable businesses. He executes projects efficiently and never compromises on quality."
Jayson Hsieh
Amazon Web Services
"What a truly amazing and comprehensive experience. Within weeks of asking William we were ready to go live and sell. Nothing was too much, from designing the logo, colour and style, to getting the products loaded. Highly recommend."
Robert Kirk
Founder of Great Gourmet Goods, Australia
"I needed a beautiful e-commerce shop to help sell my cheese and grazing boxes. What William designed and built far exceeded my expectations, and the ongoing support has been fantastic!"
Amanda Chen
Founder of The Little Graze Garden
"William has excellent organizational skills. He can take your project concept and develop a cost-effective solution with a solid development strategy. On top of that, he also excels in user experience and graphic design."
Nimrod Abing

Your One-Stop Shop

Branding / Shopify / Webflow / Support

My skillset spans multiple roles to ensure that you only ever need to hire one partner for all your WWW needs.

Prior to founding William & Co. I worked as Project Director for a web development firm, was CEO of a Cloud Services company, and have built and launched technology startups in 3 countries.

I know first hand the relief in finding and working with one trustworthy partner who can wear multiple hats. My goal is to occupy that role to the best of my abilities, for you.

What I'm currently up to:

  • Building a website for the Clouded Leopard Association of Taiwan
  • Growing Tasty Decafs
  • Freediving whenever I can get in the ocean
  • Playing badminton (one of Taiwan's most popular sports, particularly after their success at the 2020 Olympics)
  • Travel back to Australia
    Postponed :(
be nimble, be Quick

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