Shopify website built for Taihoku Tea and their premium range of Taiwanese and Japanese teas.
Taihoku Tea
Jul 24, 2020

Premium Loose Leaf Teas

Taihoku Tea Company is a UK brand focused on providing premium loose leaf teas from Taiwan and Japan. The client approached William & Co. with a desire to create a unique brand and website with a fresh take on tea. I took on this project

Taihoku Tea's 25 Year Heritage Tea is one of a kind, and the company is donating a percentage of sales to the Clouded Leopard Association of Taiwan.

The name "Taihoku" is actually the old name for the capital of Taiwan, now Taipei. The founder's passion for Taiwanese tea is evident in his attention to detail and the quality of the tea leaves that Taihoku Tea sells.

  1. Branding
  2. Packaging design
  3. Shopify website
  4. Support & maintenance

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