Brand identity and Shopify website for Tasty Decafs, the world's biggest selection of decaf coffees.
Tasty Decafs
May 1, 2021

Outstanding Decaf Coffee Beans, Bags, and Capsules

Tasty Decafs is a brand of Tasty International, a startup I founded to help small brands around the world cross borders and connect with new customers. Tasty Decafs combines my passion for delicious decaf coffee with my expertise in product development and e-commerce.

Almost 100 decaf coffees from specialty coffee roasters across Australia, the UK, and USA.

In collaboration with specialty coffee roasters in Australia, the UK, and USA, Tasty Decafs is the world's largest collection of decaf coffees, including rolling subscriptions for customers to try a different decaf every week/fortnight/month.

  1. Logo design
  2. Shopify website build
  3. Custom geolocation-based content using Liquid and Javascript
  4. Product sourcing and upload
  5. Google Analytics installation
  6. Google Search Console sitemap submission
  7. Domains & DNS
  8. SEO
  9. Online marketing
  10. Growth strategy
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